It’s a Fact, SEC Officiating is the Worst in the Country

We have all seen the putrid officiating that has hurt Kentucky and the SEC this season and have pondered the question, “How bad are SEC officials compared to the rest of the country?”

Turns out, we’re not exaggerating, it’s the worse in the Country.

There are more SEC teams averaging 18 or more fouls per game and 19.7 or more free throws per game than any other conference in the country, and nearly double than the next Power Five Conference.

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This has hurt the product of SEC basketball and hurt the teams when it comes to tournament seeding or even making the tournament at all.

The NET ranking, unveiled last year, is the tool that the NCAA Selection Committee uses to choose and seed teams in the NCAA tournament.

The second biggest factor of the NET, is net efficiency, which can by calculated by the formula below.

A team’s offensive efficiency = points / [field goal attempts – offensive rebounds + turnovers +(.475 * free throw attempts)

SEC officiating has dampened the net efficiency of SEC teams, making the conference look worse as a whole and hurting each team come Selection Sunday.

For example, the Big Ten, is a conference that is likely to get 8-10 teams in the tournament, averages 33.6 free throws per contest. I’m comparison to the SEC, which averages 46.2 free throws per contest. THATS BAD.

It’s not to say that the SEC isn’t having a down year nor is deserving of having 8 teams in the tournament. However, it’s a down year for all of college basketball, and SEC officiating sure isn’t doing the conference any favors.

As of the latest ESPN Bracketology, only four SEC teams are projected in the tournament: Kentucky, Auburn, LSU, and Florida.

See the Twitter thread below as it goes more in depth!

Kentucky moves up two spots in latest AP Poll

Kentucky beat LSU and Florida this week, which was good enough to bump them two spots in the rankings to No. 8.

All of the teams that lost (Baylor, Gonzaga, and San Diego State) dropped a spot, while Kansas jumped back to No. 1.

The biggest jump in the rankings is Creighton, who went from No. 15 to No. 10.

The biggest drop in the rankings is Penn State, who went from No. 9 to No. 16.

The biggest question of all for me is Duke. They got beat by 20 on the road to NC State and dropped only one spot. Yes, they beat Virginia Tech by a million at home, but I just don’t understand how they drop only a spot.

If we learned anything from today, it should be that the string of losses earlier in the year, especially Evansville, are coming back to bite Kentucky in the ass. But, we knew it would happen. This will at least make Selection Sunday exciting because we have no idea where the Cats will end up.

You can check out the rest of the rankings here.

Joe Lunardi is a Joke

In a week where many ranked teams lost, you’d think Kentucky would’ve been helped since they didn’t lose.

Well, think again.

In his latest bracketology, released this morning, Joe Lunardi dropped Kentucky from a 3-seed to a 4-seed.

Yeah, I don’t understand it either.

Take a look at the rest of Kentucky’s bracket.

Gonzaga, Baylor, and San Diego State lost, yet they stay. Duke got blitzed on the road by 20 to NC State and they stayed put.

But, Kentucky goes 2-0 with two good wins and drops a seed.

Unlike officiating, we do get some answers. Not good ones, but we do get some. Because, as you would expect, Lunardi got blitzed by the BBN.

In reading this, you should come away with one conclusion, which is Lunardi doesn’t really have an explanation.

Keep calm people. Selection Sunday is less than three weeks away.

Another Wild Week in College Basketball

The 2019-2020 basketball season has been one of the most wild seasons in recent memory. There are a bunch on good teams, but not one great team, and anyone can lose on any given night.

This week in college basketball proved that again. 13 ranked teams lost this week including No. 1 Baylor, No. 2 Gonzaga, unbeaten No. 4 San Diego State, and No. 6 Duke.

To make it even better, Kentucky went 2-0.

Since losing to Auburn, Kentucky has one five straight games and has jumped five spots in the rankings. Tomorrow, the Cats could be back in the top five for the first time since late December.

Not only does this week help Kentucky in the rankings, but their predicted seed will improve as well. Three of Joe Lunardi’s number one seeds, as of Friday, lost. Lunardi currently has Kentucky as a 3-seed in Kansas’ bracket that is basically murderers row.

With a bunch of top teams losing and Kentucky avoiding an upset, their seed will definitely climb.

It’s crazy to think, but there are only four games left in this season. The hardest being this Saturday against Auburn. The Cats will look to avenge their loss in Auburn after the Tigers shot 47 free throws.

The Cats go to College Station to face Texas A&M on Tuesday night, come home to face Auburn and Tennessee, then go to Gainesville for the regular season finale against Florida. If the Cats take care of business, they will finish the season 26-5.

I didn’t think Kentucky could jump to a 2-seed. The only way for that to happen was for this kind of week where a ton of top teams lose. Well, it happened.

Selection Sunday is only three weeks away. I don’t think it will happen, but Kentucky might not lose a game again this year.

Kentucky a 4-seed in latest Bracketology

After Kentucky’s statement win against LSU last night, Joe Lunardi updated his bracketelogy and has Kentucky as a 4-seed in the Midwest Region. The Cats will have Kansas as a 1-seed, Maryland as a 2-seed, and Louisville as a 3-seed.

Kentucky would be playing New Mexico State in the first round and if they take care of business, could potentially have a Sweet 16 rematch with Louisville.

We obviously still have a long way to go, but seeding in the NCAA Tournament is a discussion we should definitely be having.

I think Kentucky still has a shot at a 2-seed, but they would need a lot of help from the teams above them. I say the most likely jump is a 3-seed. If Kentucky can win out until Selection Sunday, they will have a 3-seed pretty much locked up, and with some help, a possible 2-seed.

Think about it, the way the season started, 30-5 going into the tournament would be one hell of an accomplishment.

The Cats still have five games left in the year including some games they could easily lose.

Vince Marrow Announces He is “Staying Home”

The drama is over.

Vince Marrow announced just moments ago, via Twitter, that he is staying at Kentucky.

Huge news for Kentucky football!

The Kentucky football twitter account also Tweeted this:

BBN, please leave Vince Marrow’s daughter alone!

Since the beginning of this week, BBN has been on the edge of their seats wondering whether Vince Marrow will leave for East Lansing for the lead recruiting job at Michigan State or stay home at Kentucky and continue their success.

The BBN is known for doing some wild things while waiting on these decisions, trying to get some scoop. Well, here’s something new.

Earlier today, Marrow’s daughter, Aryanna Marrow, Tweeted this:

So Kentucky fans were DM’ing Vince Marrow’s 17 year old daughter about her dads work decision? I love our fanbase, but c’mon, that’s ridiculous.

You don’t Tweet players, probably shouldn’t Tweet coaches, and you definitely don’t DM coaches kids. I feel like that should be obvious, but here we are.

In case you’re wondering, her DM’s are now closed.

Speaking of Vince Marrow, we got an update on the situation this morning.

Matt Jones of KSR Tweeted today that Michigan State has come with a second higher offer and that a decision is expected today. No details of what it includes, but MSU originally offered Marrow $1 Million a year.

Looks like the drama ends today. Stay tuned as we will have the decision as soon as it’s announced.

John Wall Looking Healthy, Looking Towards His Return

John Wall was part of the 2010 Kentucky team that Kentucky back amongst the blue bloods after the rocky Billy Gillespie era.

The five-time All-Star had lived up to his expectations in the NBA but has battled some big injuries as of late.

Back in January 2019, Wall initially underwent season-ending surgery on his left heel. Following the surgery, Wall developed an infection in the incision, then suffered a ruptured left Achilles tendon after slipping and falling in his home.

One year later, Wall looks like he’s healthy and ready to get back on the court.

Without Wall this season, the Wizards are sitting at 19-33 and on the playoff bubble.

With no real shot at contending for a title and an opportunity for a good draft pick, Washington Wizards GM, Tommy Sheppard, spoke on the possibility of Wall returning this season.

I think we have maintained that all along. We didn’t plan on seeing him this year. I think that’s fair to John, to manage the expectations for him… He’s on his way, but he’s not there and he’s not close yet. He’s a lot closer than he was a year ago when the injury happened.

Over the next three seasons, Wall is due to earn $131 million. Giving the Wizards an expensive incentive to ensure Wall is 110%.

In an interview with NBC Sports, Wall spoke on his return. Noting that he will have plenty of “emotion and adrenaline” as he feels fully healthy for the first time as an NBA player. Wall is also hopeful that his return game is at home, in D.C.

I’ve gotta be honest with you, if our first game isn’t in D.C. then I probably won’t play. Just to be realistic. I’m going to try to force the NBA for my first game to be at home next season.

You can watch and read the rest of the interview here.

If John Wall doesn’t suit up prior to the 2020-21 season, 20 months will have passed since his Achilles injury.

After being Snubbed, Devin Booker Rightfully Selected as an All-Star Replacement

Devin Booker is having a hell of a season

Booker is on pace to join LeBron James, Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Steph Curry and Oscar Robertson as the only players to ever average 27 points and 6 assists on 50% shooting in a season

These stats weren’t impressive enough for “some” around the NBA, as Booker was originally snubbed from any 2020 All-Star festivities. 

Let’s just say people were not happy about it, including Booker himself, and fellow NBA player Lou Williams.

At the cost of an injured Damian Lillard, who suffered a strained groin in a game on Wednesday, Devin Booker has been selected as his replacement for Saturday’s Three-Point Contest and Sunday’s All-Star Game. 

Booker will join fellow Wildcats Anthony Davis and Bam Adebayo to make three Kentucky All-Star selections, more than any other school. 

Back in 2018, Booker won the Three-Point Contest in a record-setting performance that included 28 out of 34 possible points in the final round. Expect Booker to be a heavy favorite amongst the rest of the participants listed below.

  • Davis Bertans, Washington
  • Devonte’ Graham, Charlotte
  • Joe Harris, Brooklyn
  • Buddy Hield, Sacramento
  • Zach LaVine, Chicago
  • Duncan Robinson, Miami
  • Trae Young, Atlanta

With Booker’s progression, including a 71-point game, I fully expect to see Book in several All-Star games to come.

Please view the festivities and rosters here.

Immanuel Quickley Snubbed by Pizza Hut

Houston Pizza Hut, we got a problem. Well in the words of one Pizza Hut employee, “something is wrong”.

Immanuel Quickley, a college student that cannot profit off his own likeness, is unable to order a pizza.

Some would question why Quickley would order so close to closing time. I would ask, when is there a bad time for pizza?

Pizza Hut lady (probably a Louisville fan) I will give you credit, that is a finesse move, but a move I am assuming your manager will hear about.

Pizza Hut, watch out, someone may “outpizza the Hut” if you keep turning down customers.

Quickley, good luck in your future pizza endeavors.