Joe Lunardi’s Got Jokes

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What is this, like week two of quarantine? Honestly, you could tell me we’ve been doing this for four years and I would believe you. I should be writing a… Read more »

Karl-Anthony Towns’ Mother has Coronavirus

The Coronavirus pandemic has taken over the world and has impacted many countries, states, cities, and families. Currently, 55,000+ cases have been confirmed in the United States with hundreds of… Read more »

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Coach Cal Goes Sneaker Shopping

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Sneaker Shopping by Complex is a YouTube series created for high level musicians, actors, media personalities, and athletes to talk and buy sneakers with host, Joe La Puma. Sneaker Shopping has featured some very… Read more »

Early Prediction of Who is Staying and Leaving

The 2019-2020 college basketball season came to an abrupt end yesterday. No conference tournaments and no NCAA Tournament, something that hit us Kentucky fans very hard. After that, just about… Read more »