A Once Considered Kentucky Coaching Candidate Now Facing Serious Allegations

With John Calipari’s tenure possibly on the home-stretch and his name up for an NBA job every summer, we always have the discussion of who could replace him if he left.

That list has many quality candidates on it and for awhile included current Wichita State head coach Gregg Marshall.

His name was most likely cleared after his wife, Lynn Marshall, was in a feud with Kentucky Sports Radio’s Drew Franklin. But, if it wasn’t removed from the list then, it sure is now.

In an article written by CJ Moore and Dana O’Neil of The Athletic, Marshall is under “investigation for allegations of misconduct” according to the story.

Last spring, the Shockers had six scholarship players and a walk-on transfer. In addition, 2020 commit Ja’Dun Michael asked out of his letter of intent.

There are many allegations against Marshall, perhaps the worst being from the 2015-16 season. According to the article, Shaq Morris attempted to block Zach Johnson’s shot in a practice. Marshall thought it was a dirty play and ran over to Morris. According to the article, he “chewed out Morris for what he deemed a dirty play and then shoved Morris in the back.” This is according to multiple players on that team. According to the article, Marshall proceeded to tell Morris to “get the fuck out of practice” and then followed him, and, before he could exit the gym, Marshall “ran up behind Morris and punched him between the shoulders near his neck.” This according to two players on that team.

In the preseason of that year, an assistant was running a workout session with a group of players. Marshall wasn’t happy with the session, according to the article he “approached the staff member and started berating him, then put one of his hands around his neck.” This is according to two people that were witnesses.

In 2016, Marshall was approaching his parking spot at Koch Arena, when he discovered an athlete on another team leaving his spot. According to the article, this was nothing “uncommon” as many students often “parked in Marshall’s spot to run in quickly to the tutoring center.” Normally, Marshall would double-park behind the car to block it in, but this time, he didn’t get there quick enough. So what did he do? He followed the car and blocked it at an intersection in the parking lot. According to the article, Marshall then “got out of his car and began yelling at the student, ‘Do you know who the fuck I am?'”

According to the article, the student replied, “I don’t give a fuck who you are.” According to witnesses, Marshall “approached the car and attempted to punch the student through the window.”

According to the article, Marshall wrote a text to The Athletic, “I’m aware the university conducted interviews and I fully participated in the process. I look forward to having it wrapped up as I continue to focus my energy on our team.”

According to the article, one former player spoke anonymously about the situation, saying “This thing’s been going on before I came around and no one warned me. For me, it’s about helping the next kid. I wouldn’t be telling this if I didn’t think it was going to help somebody.”

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