Breaking Down Kentucky’s Scoring Droughts

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Kentucky has lost six straight games, and the one thing that has decimated Kentucky, especially in the past two games, is scoring droughts.

In both of those games, Kentucky played decent in the first half. They were up by four points at halftime against North Carolina and were down one point at halftime against Louisville. But, you play two halves in college basketball, and the second half didn’t treat Kentucky well.

In the past two second halves of basketball, Kentucky has played 40 minutes and has gone 27 minutes without a shot falling in that time. That’s horrible.

Let’s look at the second half against North Carolina.

North Carolina

In the second half against North Carolina, Kentucky had three scoring droughts. They played the first three minutes of the second half without a basket, where they were 0/2 from the field. However, this small drought didn’t really hurt Kentucky, as UNC only hit one shot during this stretch.

In the second scoring drought, the Cats went almost three minutes without a bucket, going only 0/1 from the field. Once again though, this small drought didn’t really hurt Kentucky, as UNC only hit two shots during this stretch.

Let’s be negative though for a second. If Kentucky had a functioning offense that produced made shots, the Cats could’ve easily extended their four point halftime lead to double-digits.

The third drought really hurt Kentucky and made me turn off the TV. The Cats went almost ten minutes without a made basket. The Tar Heels went on a 20-6 run during this stretch and turned a six-point deficit into a six-point lead. The Cats were outscored 41-25 in the half.

Going even further, Kentucky went 0/6 from the field with five turnovers. The Cats also committed nine fouls during this stretch. The fact Kentucky got only six shots up in a ten minute stretch, with so many talented scorers, is mind-boggling.

In other words, Kentucky’s offense in the second half of the UNC game was almost non-existent.


First, if we’re being positive, Kentucky actually went on a small 7-2 run at the start of the second half against Louisville to take a four-point lead. But then things went south.

Kentucky went just over eight minutes without a basket and Louisville turned a four-point deficit into a four-point lead, going on a 15-7 run.

During this stretch, Kentucky was 0/6 from the field with five turnovers. Once again, in eight minutes, Kentucky only attempting six shots with so many talented scorers, is mind-boggling.


So, in 40 minutes of basketball, the Cats went 27 minutes without scoring, including missing 12 shots, and turned the ball over 11 times. YIKES!!

Kentucky’s offense is bad, but this really shows how bad it is. A talented team like this cannot go 27 out of 40 minutes without a basket and only attempt 12 shots during that time.

I hate to pull the Dontaie Allen card here, but I have to. Allen averaged over 40 points a game in his senior year of high school and can clearly shoot the ball, but Cal refuses to play him. In a failing offense, the one thing Cal hasn’t tried, he won’t try. I’m not saying Dontaie Allen is going to fix UK’s problems, because he won’t, but Kentucky has nothing except Davion Mintz and Jacob Toppin, two bench-players from non power-five schools, as reliable options on offense right now.

Yet, he’ll sit there and rely on B.J. Boston, Terrence Clarke, and Olivier Sarr to run the offense. Two guys who brick shots the entire game and the other guy hasn’t scored a point in two games.

It’s absolutely ridiculous. Until Cal decides to try something else, this team isn’t going anywhere.

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