Cade Cunningham to Kentucky?

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In the past 24 hours, the vibe around the recruiting world is that Cade Cunningham is going to Kentucky, mostly because John Calipari made a unplanned trip to Florida to visit the five-star guard.

The trip even being requested by Cunningham’s father.

It’s safe to say John Calipari has never recruited a player like this before. According to Jack Pilgrim of KSR, in the span of six weeks, UK has hosted or visited Cunningham and/or his family six times. Four of them have come in the days leading up to or following his official visits.

Cunningham also visited Big Blue Madness in a last minute change when the original plans were for Kentucky to host him in November.

The top three schools currently are Kentucky, Oklahoma State, and North Carolina.

Oklahoma State hired his brother, Cannen Cunningham, and when asked about the hiring, Cunningham said, “I love my brother forever, but that doesn’t determine my recruitment. He got hired and had to take the job. I wanted him to take it, but I don’t think that sways my recruitment.”

North Carolina is also in the running, but yesterday the Tar Heels landed four-star guard RJ Davis, which brought their 2020 class to four. Cunningham has said that he wants to win a championship, but also that he wants to choose who he plays with. Which most likely means he wants to go somewhere that has an empty class (Oklahoma State) and recruit players there.

That doesn’t bode well for Kentucky either. With Devin Askew’s commitment, that brings their 2020 class to four as well. But, he wants to win a national title, and I don’t think you’d say that and go to Oklahoma State.

However, I like Kentucky’s chances. John Calipari wants Cunningham and his efforts show just that. It does seem like a decision from Cunningham is on the horizon though, so be on the lookout.

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