Coach K is a Baby

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The most beloved Coach in the world, by the media, might also be one of the biggest babies in sports. Do we remember when Coach K had a back-and-forth with Dillon Brooks in the handshake line after the Blue Devils lost in the NCAA Tournament after Brooks drained a three-pointer at the end? Do we remember when Coach K took a leave-of-absence to have back surgery after they got crushed by Virginia Tech?

He’s back at it again!

Playing any sport during a pandemic is difficult and Coach K has realized it and wants to end the season before things go south with Duke.

The Blue Devils have played four games and have two losses. They got beat by Michigan State in the Champions Classic and got hammered by Illinois last night.

Now the God of college basketball is saying that the season should be shut-down because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

This is so Coach K. I know the media will find some way to defend him, but this is hilarious.

Would he be saying the season should be stopped if they were 4-0? No. He’d be going on about how they’re persevering through the season and keeping their heads up, being positive, and doing the right things. But, when things get tough, “Stop the season!”

Never change, Mike.

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