Day After: Tennessee Win

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Waking up on Sundays after a win is nice. Doing it two weeks in a row is awesome. Doing it two weeks in a row after losing two weeks in a row is even better. Make one of those wins a beatdown of the Vols in Knoxville and it sounds almost too good to be true. But, here we are.

Before yesterday I had seen Kentucky beat Tennessee twice in my lifetime. The snoozer back in 2011 and Stephen Johnson laying his life on the line in 2017. Neither game I saw in-person, which I still haven’t gotten over.

But, yesterday sure helped. For the first time in my lifetime, Kentucky beat the Vols in Knoxville.

Something that I thought I would only see in my dreams and even then that would’ve been a pretty far-fetched dream.

Kentucky had three interceptions, including two pick-six’s. They dominated both halves defensively and ran it down Tennessee’s throat in the second half. No flukes. Kentucky beat Tennessee, straight up.

How many times were we thinking “Oh no. Here we go.”? I know I said it after Upshaw dropped the touchdown pass in the end zone, after the Vols marched it down the field and scored, after the backup QB came in twice, and even when it was 27-7, I still hadn’t convinced myself Kentucky was going to win.

I do hope fans will get off the Joey Gatewood bandwagon and get behind Terry Wilson. I shouldn’t have to say this, but after reading Twitter threads, I definitely do. For some reason, fans think Gatewood is Tom Brady. He’s not. This is Terry Touchdown’s job and if you don’t think so you can shut up and go be for another team.

The man has beaten both Florida and Tennessee on the road in his career. We haven’t had that happen since my dad was in high school. What else do we want? I mean yeah, an undefeated national title season would be nice, but money growing on trees would be too.

I was really worried one side of the ball wouldn’t show up, which was the case in the first half. But, in the second half, the Cats made adjustments, yeah we haven’t said that in awhile, and both the offense and the defense showed up.

Yesterday’s win is something I never thought I would see, especially in that fashion, but it did, and it was awesome.

Now Kentucky is 2-2 with a very winnable game against Missouri coming up. If the Cats are 3-2 going into the Georgia game, we can get excited. That’s definitely an upset game.

But for now, we celebrate yesterday’s special win.

Before I go, I’ll leave you with these texts from my grandfather:

“Is there a mistake on my television? It says Ky is ahead of Tennessee 34 to 7. I am really confused.”

Followed by…

“This is totally unbelievable. Better go to church tomorrow. The end is coming soon!”

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