Enes Kanter the “Underkanter” is Preparing for Something Special

While Enes Kanter never got to play in a Kentucky uniform (NC-stupid-AA), he left us with one of the most legendary Big Blue Madness introductions ever back in 2010.

Since the “Underkanter” entrance, Kanter has made his interest in professional wrestling well known.

Nearly a decade ago, Kanter showed he has the intro down. During his time in the NBA, he has shown he can entertain. Finally, this summer he has been putting work in the wrestling ring and training with WWE Hall of Famer Diamond Dallas Page to put it all together.

The Score released a pseudo-documentary where Kanter visited Diamond’s facility in Atlanta training to fully learn all aspects that go into becoming a professional wrestler and even calling out LeBron.

“Enes the Menace” Kanter just inked a two-year/$10 million dollar contract with the Boston Celtics, but when he is done on the court he will be a perfect fit inside the wrestling ring.

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