ESPN Reporter Defends Calipari and Kentucky amid College Basketball Scandal

Since Calipari arrived at Kentucky in 2009, Kentucky has more wins, tournament wins, and final four appearances than any other program in the country.

Success will always draw opposers and in that same span, opposing fanbases and several national media members have tried to tear down the success and claim that Kentucky and Cal are cheating.

During the corruption that has rocked college basketball the last year and a half, Kentucky has not received one notice of allegations, while North Carolina (academic), Kansas, Louisville, and Arizona among others have undoubtable evidence against them.

Today, ESPN College Basketball Analyst, Myron Medcalf, stood up for the Big Blue Nation.

It is nice to see someone in the national media stand up for Calipari and Kentucky, rather than some like *cough* Pat Forde *cough*.

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