George Karl Calls DeMarcus Cousins a Snake

The great thing about Twitter, and social media altogether, is it gives us the ability to take jabs at people with no fear of any kind of repercussions.

Time doesn’t heal all wounds apparently, because we got another great example of this tonight.

Former NBA coach, George Karl, threw some shade at DeMarcus Cousins:

Why doesn’t Karl like Cousins? Well, it’s probably because Karl tried to get Cousins traded when he took over the Kings’ head-coaching position back in 2015. Going so far as making calls around the league to see who was interested in him.

Of course, Cousins found out, and promptly Tweeted this:

Both returned to Sacramento, but Karl was fired the next season and Cousins lasted a little longer, but then was traded to the Pelicans.

Neither has had much success since. George Karl hasn’t sat the bench for another team and Boogie has had the injury bug.

I cannot wait for Cousins’ response.

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