Info On Kentucky’s Closed Scrimmage with Transylvania

Due to COVID-19, Kentucky’s game against South Carolina last night was canceled. Kentucky tried to schedule multiple games, but all plans fell through. John Calipari instead chose to scrimmage Transylvania at Rupp Arena.

I spoke to a source last night close to the scrimmage and this is what they said.

Kentucky won by 20-25

The source that I spoke to said that Kentucky and Transy scrimmaged for 40 minutes and then did “situational stuff.” From what I was told, Kentucky won by 20-25 in a “weird format with lots of stoppages in play.”

However, Transy was missing their two best players.

Dontaie Allen hit 7-8 three’s but was a liability on defense

Fans, including myself, have been begging for Dontaie Allen to get playing time. Cal said last Monday night on his call-in-show that he had talked to Dontaie and told him he was going to get his chance. Last night he did, and the source told me that Allen “hit 7-8 three’s.”

But, the source also told me that Allen “is a major liability on defense and that’s why he doesn’t play.”

Kentucky doesn’t have a leader and isn’t very coachable

A great team needs a great leader and the source I spoke to said “Kentucky doesn’t have a real leader.” According to the source, “They played for four hours and no one was leading the team. Cal has to say something five times before they get it and there was a lot of screwing around. They don’t have a true leader and aren’t really coachable.”

Terrence Clarke didn’t play

It was reported by Matt Jones of Kentucky Sports Radio earlier last week that Terrence Clarke had been in a walking boot and had missed practice for most of the week. However, Cal did try to play him against Louisville, but admitted that “it was a mistake” in his postgame presser.

The source that I spoke to said that Clarke did not play and was in a walking boot the whole time.

Cam’Ron Fletcher

Something happened after the UNC loss and whatever it was, it wasn’t good. The whole ordeal ended in Cam’Ron Fletcher going home and then Cal taking a shot at him in his Louisville postgame presser.

According to the source, “Fletcher played, but didn’t play much” and had an “okay” attitude.

BJ Boston is close

The most disappointing thing about this season so far is the lack of production from BJ Boston. A superstar coming into the year hasn’t performed close to the level Kentucky needs him to. According to the source, “Boston played good and is getting close. He was money from mid-range.”

This is uncharted territory for John Calipari

The source that I spoke with said that they talked to Calipari for around 10-15 minutes and it was obvious he wasn’t sure what to do.

“Cal has never been 1-6 before” the source said. “This is uncharted territory for Cal and it seemed like he wasn’t sure what to do.”

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