John Calipari has “Supported Players Being Paid for their Likeness” for Years

The newest California Fair Pay to Play Act was signed by California Governor Gavin Newsom on Sept. 30, and has sparked conversation in the college sports world, with several big names giving their opinions about it. Yesterday, Mike Krzyzewski came out in favor of the new law.

At Kentucky Basketball Media Day, when asked about the new law, John Calipari didn’t go into any detail about it. He even claimed that he knew nothing about the law and needed some time to learn about it. But, who’s believing that?

This morning, Matt Jones of Kentucky Sports Radio, interviewed Coach Cal and asked him specifically about his thoughts on the bill.

“I’ve been talking about this for a long time. Let’s understand this, kids should be able to go to the NBA out of high school. I’ve coached the best players over the past ten years. About five-to-six could’ve left out of high school and would’ve done fine. Every year you have five-to-six that can go from high school to the NBA.” Calipari said.

“The big question is how are we going to make these other kids go to college?” Calipari said. “Don’t diminish education. It’s their only hope. We have the highest graduation rate in the history of (College Basketball). We have the highest African American graduation rate in the history of our sport. If you want all of these kids to go to the NBA, you’re ruining the game.” Calipari said.

“I’ve been talking about this for 8-10 years, right? If everyone back then supported it, probably would’ve happened. But since it was only me, everyone was against it – I wore the black hat. This thing has moved slow because we move slow. With that being said, since it was passed who has come out with one? Florida – I hope we come out with one.”

“I think where this is going, I think it’s going to have to be settled in Congress, because whatever the NCAA does, won’t be enough.”

In classic John Calipari fashion, he’s asked about a huge topic, he talks for forever, and doesn’t answer the question. But, he took plenty of shots, most aimed at Duke.

He also took a shot a Rick Pitino:

“When I got my banners vacated, everyone laughed. Then a title gets vacated and there’s outrage.”

I think it’s safe to say Cal supports it, even though he won’t say it openly.

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