John Calipari’s “Baby Son” is Graduating This Weekend

There are not many more things more special than a father-son relationship, and during his time at Kentucky John Calipari has not been shy about showing his love for son Brad Calipari, from kissing him on the cheek to encouraging and pushing him to be a better basketball player.

Brad will graduate this weekend in just three years, an impressive feat and John Calipari wrote a letter to discuss just how proud he is of Brad’s accomplishments.

Here are some quotes from Cal’s emotional letter.

Ellen and I could not be more proud of the young man Brad has grown to be. He knows what it means to be committed and driven toward a goal. He’s humble when he wins and he learns from failure as much as he does from winning.

For me as a father, to be able to be with my son the last three years, to have him in every practice, to watch him play in games, to travel with him across the country, has been a true blessing. 

As a father, if I had a choice, there’s no other young man I’d want to be my son other than Brad. With graduation on the horizon, he has his entire future ahead of him. We don’t know the turns or how fate will intervene. We don’t know how Brad’s story will end. I do know though that he prepared to write his own story and be his own man. Most people know Brad as John Calipari’s son. I can’t wait until the day when the world knows me as John, Brad Calipari’s father.
Congratulations, Brad. We’re all so proud of you.

As a part of the Big Blue Nation, we often see Cal yelling and ranting on the sidelines as he pushes his players, but it’s refreshing to see the emotional and fatherly side of Coach Cal.

While nothing has been reported or said, Brad still has two seasons of eligibility left and could transfer to another school and play next season. However, Brad has discussed his interest in coaching and there are not many many coaches better to learn from than his father.

No matter what Brad chooses, Brad has brought some style to the sidelines and brought out a rarely seen side of Coach Cal, Good Luck Brad!

The rest of the Letter can be read on

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