Mark Stoops Is Tired of the Terrible SEC Officiating Too

Photos by Chet White | UK Athletics

SEC officiating is always a hot topic and yesterday Mark Stoops seems to be just as fed up as the fans as he sounded off against SEC officials in Wednesday’s SEC coaches media teleconference.

“I don’t even know why I turn in plays anymore,” Stoops said. “It certainly doesn’t matter. I don’t think I will from now on.”

The Cats have been on the receiving end of some terrible calls this season, most notably against two of Kentucky’s biggest rivals, Tennessee and Florida.

Against Florida, there were two controversial calls. The first, Wan’Dale Robinson had the opportunity for a touchdown downfield, but a Florida DB pulled him by his jersey to making him unable to even attempt to catch the football, which resulted in neither a holding nor pass interference call. Then on the very next drive, Florida received pass interference in what was “soft” contact in comparison.

Most recently, against Tennessee, officials missed a call on Tennessee’s Tyler Baron when he grabbed the facemask of Will Levis. Then doubled down and threw a flag on Mark Stoops after showing his displeasure of the no-call.

Stoops does have a point. Officials need to be held accountable for bad calls, and if the current processes are not improving SEC officiating, there needs to be improvements to those processes or another solution.

With that being said, after that Cats’ 6-0 start, they have dropped three straight and poor officiating is not the sole blame for that. Expect Mark Stoops and company to get back on track against a winless Vanderbilt team this Saturday in Nashville.

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