NBA Cats are Absolutely Killing it from Three this Season

John Calipari loves his dribble-drive offense, but consistently the biggest knock on his teams is their inability to shoot from the perimeter.

However, there are some former Cats in the NBA dispelling that notion.

  • PJ Washington: 1.4 3PM-3.0 3PA; 46.3% 3P
  • Karl Anthony Towns: 4.9 3PM-9.0 3PA; 44.4% 3P
  • Devin Booker: 2.3 3PM-5.3 3PA; 42.9% 3P
  • Shai Gilegous-Alexander: 1.6 3PM-3.9 3PA; 40.3% 3P
  • Patrick Patterson: 1.3 3PM-3.2 3PA; 39.6% 3P
  • Kevin Knox: 1.4 3PM-3.5 3PA: 38.3% 3P
  • Tyler Herro: 2.0 3PM-5.3 3PA 38.0% 3P

Based on game averages, NBA Stats

Since its inaugural event in the 1986 season, the NBA three-point Contest has featured three former Cats and one winner (Kyle Macy 85′, Antonie Walker 03′, and Devin Booker 16′, 18′ (winner), & 19′).

Could we add a few more to that list this season?

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