Some Venting After Kentucky Loses To Louisville

Today, for the only the third time in the John Calipari era, Kentucky lost to Louisville. A very aggravating, nail-biting, infuriating loss that gives Kentucky its sixth of the year. Something that hasn’t happen in almost 100 years.

I honestly thought Kentucky would win the game. But an eight minute stretch without a basket was too much for the Cats to overcome. That’s two games in a row where Kentucky has been in a huge game, then went a decade without a shot falling.

There are a few things that I find very aggravating about this game. Here they are:

Dontaie Allen didn’t play a minute

I don’t know how good Allen is, because I haven’t seen him play much. But, he’s the only guy we haven’t seen who is healthy to play. Why did he not see the floor?

Cal said, “I told Dontaie to be ready if Terrence couldn’t go. I thought about putting him in twice in the first half and I wish I did.”

Honestly, I feel bad for Allen. He’s looking at a bunch of guys that cannot shoot, yet Cal won’t give him a minute. I don’t understand it at all. Cal will let Clarke, Boston, Askew, etc brick three’s all game, but won’t give Dontaie Allen a chance.

Sarr and Boston shooting the biggest shots of the game

Kentucky struggled mightily in the second half with offense and it almost caused the game to get away from them. They had two chances in the final minute to tie or take the lead and didn’t. But more importantly, Olivier Sarr and B.J. Boston took the shots.

That makes zero sense. Even though Sarr’s shot was a duplicate of the one he missed against Notre Dame, I don’t want him shooting for the lead. It was a good shot, but I don’t want the ball in his hands.

And then we move to the final, desperation three to tie the game, from B.J. Boston. I really wish I didn’t have to type that, but I do. On the final play of the game, when the Cats need a three to force OT, Lance Ware brings the ball up the court and gives it to B.J. Boston. What!?

Great job Cal.

Olivier Sarr disappeared

At the beginning of the year we thought Terrence Clarke and B.J. Boston were going to run the show. Then, we thought Olivier Sarr would. Well, those three have vanished and now we have Jacob Topping and Davion Mintz running the show.

Sarr hasn’t hit a shot in two games.

In his postgame presser, Cal made a reporter emphasize, “The guys who we thought would be stars.” So I guess he’s admitting these guys aren’t as good as we thought.

It’s pretty simple, if Clarke, Boston, and Sarr don’t start playing well, this Kentucky team may not win five games.

Kentucky is now 1-6

For the first time since the late 1920’s, Kentucky is 1-6. Something I never fathomed being possible. But, we’re in a really weird year so why not?

The Cats are in big trouble right now. They were on thin ice, and now that ice has cracked, and they are slowly sinking. They either need a huge run in SEC play or need to win the SEC Tournament to make the NCAA Tournament.

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