Watch this Nick Richards video and Try Not to get Excited

Five dominos have fallen in the stay/leaving saga and we may have just received a hint on another decision.

Nick Richards posted something very odd on Instagram on Saturday, Take a look:

Like I said, it’s not very clear what the post means. However, just a few hours ago, Richards posted this on Instagram, perhaps a little more clear and maybe giving some insight into his NBA decision. Watch it and try not to get excited:

Kentucky has already lost all of its guards from last year, but Cal and the staff have done a great job, once again, reloading at those positions.

As of now, the issue is big guys. Kentucky has a couple bigger guys coming in this years class, but nothing that will help them make a title run.

If this post is any hint to Richards’ decision and he does end up coming back, not only will it be a shock to me and everyone else, but it will be huge for next years team.

He gives Kentucky a definite post presence, and if the Cats bring back EJ Montgomery or sign Matt Haarms, we could be seeing the final pieces to the puzzle falling in place.

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