Which Athletes in UK History Would Have Profited Most off of their Likeness?

Cal is giving his thumbs up!

On Tuesday afternoon, the NCAA unanimously voted to allow athletes to profit from their likeness and created groups to explore ways on making it possible.

That creates the questions, which athletes in Kentucky history would have profited the most from their likeness?

(Excluding any potential “The Hammer” ads)

Anthony Davis

Alongside Dan Issel, Anthony Davis is considered to be one of the two best players in Kentucky basketball history. Like Cal says, “(Davis) took the fifth-most shots” but was still nationally dominate.

Being the best basketball player in the country and trademarking “The Brow”, makes you the biggest and most marketable UK athlete of all-time.

AD would have been a great representative for Harry’s razors.

Benny Snell

Benny Snell is arguably the most marketable player in Kentucky football history, and it’s not even close. His BIG time play backed it up on the field.

I mean you can buy a Snell Yeah shirt on Amazon.

Can we have a Benny Snell Commercial in third person, please?

John Wall & Demarcus Cousins

After the dreadful Billy Gillespie era, this duo brought Kentucky back to national title contention and made it the cool school in college basketball, which is why I placed them as a duo in this list.

John Wall alone had a song reach no. 76 in the Top 100 charts and created a dance used across the country. While Demarcus Cousins became one of the most likable figures in UK History.

Imagine this duo selling literally ANYTHING, could you say no?

Rex Chapman

“King Rex”

Back in the 1980’s five-star freshman were not coming year in and year out like they are today.

Rex Chapman, a Kentucky phenom, was THE MAN on campus as soon as he arrived in Lexington and every kid in Kentucky wanted to be like Rex.

Being the state’s biggest superstar sure bolds well for endorsements.

Tim Couch

The only No. 1 NFL Draft pick in the history of Kentucky Football.

Couch, an athlete so well-rounded that he was the first prep player in Kentucky history to have earned the prestigious “Mr. Football” and “Mr. Basketball” titles in the same year, and named the USA Today football player of the year following his senior season at Leslie County High School.

Couch might not have performed the best in NFL due to injury but imagine him leading an endorsement campaign for couches!

Are there any UK athletes I’m leaving out? Let me hear your thoughts!

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