Barion Brown Rated as Fastest Player in College Football in Week 1



UK Athletics

Entering halftime, the Kentucky Wildcats held just a 13-10 lead after not being able to capitalize in the red zone. Coming out of the half, true freshman Barion Brown immediately provided the Wildcats with a game-changing play, returning the half’s opening kickoff for a touchdown.

As impressive as Brown’s return was in the moment – being the first kickoff return touchdown in the Stoops Era – it may be even more impressive in hindsight.

According to a tweet from Recruiting Analytics, Brown was the fastest ball carrier in the country last week with a top speed of 22.0 mph. To put that in perspective, that is the speed of a brown bear and only three players in the NFL ran at the same speed or faster during the 2021 season.

Not too bad for the first game of a true freshman.


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