Some Takeaways from a Brutal Loss

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I’ve sat here for forever trying to come up with words, but there’s not much to say other than that loss really, really, really sucked. Kentucky’s offense looked good, their defense sucked, but a freakin missed extra-point was the thing that gave the Cats an L.

Let’s say it all-together now: That was so Kentucky Football.

Here are some takeaways from the loss.

Terry Wilson was not the problem

You could’ve easily put last weeks loss on Terry Wilson and I think it was. He just made too many mistakes and he and the staff have said this. But, this game isn’t on him.

Terry TD was 14-18 for 151 yards. He also had 22 rushes for 129 yards and three touchdowns.

A lot of fans were calling for Wilson’s job after last game, which was ridiculous in the first place, but this game proves that this is his team. But, if you still think this is Gatewood’s team, please go be for someone else.

Kentucky’s defense is awful

The Wildcat defense that past two years has been great. Through the first two games this year, the defense has been awful. Kentucky allowed 139 rushing yards tonight, which isn’t good, but it’s not bad. But, they allowed 320 passing yards tonight. That adds up to 459 total yards of offense.

In the first two games, Kentucky has given up 783 yards of offense.

That’s unacceptable.


Kentucky turned the ball over only once tonight, but it was an awful turnover. It cost the Cats a touchdown. Well, let’s go back, A.J. Rose had a touchdown, but decided to celebrate early and got tackled before he got to the end-zone. Then, he fumbled the ball at the goal-line. AHHHH!!

Through the first two games, Kentucky has turned the ball over four times. FOUR TIMES. They haven’t forced one turnover.

Mark Stoops chased the refs off the field

That was so Kentucky football

AJ’s stunt at the beginning of the game, only ten players on the field in the red-zone, and to top it all off, Matt Ruffolo misses an extra-point in OT to give Kentucky an L.

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