Two And A Half Hours of my Life I Won’t Get Back: Kentucky Loses to Kansas 65-62

That was a late night snoozer that had the Cats on the losing end of a game neither team deserved to win. I really don’t even know what to say. Other than Isaiah Jackson and Dontaie Allen, there weren’t many bright spots in that one.

Time to rant now.

Terrence Clarke and B.J. Boston…

Two of the best players in the 2020 class have looked terrible in the last two games. I figured they would put on a show against Kansas tonight, you know, get up for the game and the spotlight. But, they did not.

The two highly-talented freshmen were ice cold the entire game. They combined to shoot 7-24 from the field, were 0-8 from three-point land, and combined for six turnovers.

Calipari has two stars he thought he could center a squad around. These guys have looked dreadful so far. I’m not hitting the panic button yet, but as of now, they have nowhere to go but up.

Why didn’t Dontaie Allen play more?

For a majority of the game, Allen was the only guy in a Kentucky uniform to hit a shot beyond the three-point line. Literally no one else could hit a shot. When the Cats are struggling that bad, why not give him a try?

Yes, I understand, he is a liability on defense, but if the guys on the floor are throwing up brick after brick, you have to try something else. Especially when the three’s going up are off-balance, barely touching the rim.

13 assists and 37 turnovers in two games

This stat is unbelievable. If these are your assist to turnover numbers in two games, you don’t have a prayer of winning.

The sad thing is, a lot of these turnovers were just dumb, pathetic, sloppy turnovers. Guys not paying attention, being in the right place, and lazy passes. But, I guess that’s what happens when you have a ton of new guys.

It will get better because it always does, but this is going to be the issue the majority of this season.

Isaiah Jackson was sensational

Tonight was the first time I had seen Isaiah Jackson play a full game. He didn’t score a lot, but man, he impacts the game in so many ways.

He had seven points, 12 rebounds, and eight blocks. Easily the MVP of the game for the Cats. But, he had one of the biggest mistakes of the game. He didn’t blockout Braun on the free-throw and allowed Kansas to get an offensive rebound. Essentially sealing the game.

After the game, he said: “I took full responsibility for that after the game.”

This kid is going to be a steal in the draft.

3-31 from three in the last two games….

This is a mind-boggling stat. I don’t remember Kentucky struggling with three-point shooting this bad in any recent years.

Cal said after the game, “we have good shooters, they just aren’t making the shots right now.”

We hear that every year and it gets old. I think you have to play Davion Mintz and Dontaie Allen more, but maybe I’m crazy.


We hit this point at least once every season. Kentucky has a mass-exodus to the NBA every year and Cal has to reload on young talent, and as we all know, this is a downside to that. They usually look really bad at the beginning of the season.

It will turnaround because it always does, but it sure is painful to watch. Goodnight.

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