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Kentucky Recap Of 2023 Nike EYBL Peach Jam




This week, the biggest Grassroots AAU event of the year was held in North Augusta, SC, and as you might expect, there was tons of talent. Players made a name for themselves, and coaches evaluated prospects that they have their eye on.

KY Insider was on hand at Peach Jam this week, and took in the unbelievable talent and atmosphere. There is plenty to go over and discuss, so let’s dive in and talk about Kentucky’s top targets and how they performed.


Tre Johnson (2024, No. 1 SG, No. 3 Overall)

Kentucky’s top target in the class, the Top-3 guard is an absolute pure scorer. Johnson has the ability to score from all levels, and he put that on display this week for Houston Hoops. He averaged 15.8 points, 2.8 rebounds, and 1.6 assists, shooting 42% at Peach Jam.


Johnson is expected to make his decision sometime soon, with Kentucky, Baylor, Texas, Kansas, Alabama, and Arkansas all in consideration. KY Insider was able to speak with him about his recruitment, where he said Baylor was recruiting him the hardest right now.

Karter Knox (2024, No. 2 SF, No. 7 Overall)

A prospect who Kentucky is in a very good spot with, Knox is a forward who can really get to the rim, with capable shooting ability, and is very physical. Knox had a solid week at Peach Jam, averaging 16.4 points, 5.2 rebounds, 0.6 assists, and shooting 45% for Florida Rebels.

Knox spoke with KY Insider discussing the latest in his recruitment, where he said he will be taking visits in the fall, with already taking visits to Louisville and Kentucky. He has a Top 7 schools list consisting of Kentucky, Louisville, Florida State, USF, Arkansas, Auburn, and LSU.

Kentucky and Louisville seem to be the leaders in his recruitment, but Knox says he is open to all schools despite the Kentucky-Louisville buzz.


Boogie Fland (2024, No. 2 CG, No. 13 Overall)

Fland is Kentucky’s top point guard target in 2024. Fland had a good week, but his best performance came on Saturday by far, where he had 17 points, 4 rebounds, and 2 assists for PSA Cardinals. Fland is a capable shooter, who is also quick with the ball in his hands and can make things happen when he wants to. This week at Peach Jam, he averaged 11.5 points, 2.8 rebounds, and 2.5 assists, shooting 31%.

As far as his recruitment, Fland is taking it slow. He still has visits to take in the fall, with Kentucky being one of them. Boogie has many suitors including Michigan, UNC, Indiana, UConn, St. John’s, Alabama, and Kentucky.

Billy Richmond (2024, No. 6 SG, No. 36 Overall)

The top-40 guard is one Kentucky has kept tabs with for a while. A prospect that Kentucky has a very good relationship with, he is a very good scorer when he takes over. Not a capable shooter, but Richmond can really get to the rim when he wants to, and he put that on display this week for NJ Scholars. He averaged 13.8 points, 5.0 rebounds, 2.6 assists, and shooting 53.8% overall.

Richmond has taken visits to some schools, with Kentucky being one. He is being recruited by Kentucky, Memphis, Louisville, among others. Recent intel is suggesting that Kentucky has emerged as the leader in his recruitment, with a lot of buzz surrounding a potential decision being made sometime soon.


Ahmad Nowell (2024, No. 5 CG, No. 35 Overall)

Ahmad Nowell is an others-first type point guard. He thrives at excelling in other ways than scoring. He put his passing on full display this week, and his scoring came with it. Averaged 12 points, 4.8 rebounds, and 6 assists, while shooting 39% overall for Team Final.

Nowell’s recruitment includes a Final Four schools of Kentucky, UConn, Tennessee, and Georgia Tech. KY Insider spoke with him to discuss his list of schools. He most notably has not visited Kentucky, with the other three finalists receiving visits.

He will be announcing his decision on July 23rd, according to KSR’s Jack Pilgrim. UConn seems like the favorite to land the Top-35 guard, based on recent intel.

Jalil Bethea (2024, No. 4 SG, No. 18 Overall)

Arguably someone that Kentucky should have already ramped up interest with, Bethea is an impressive scorer. When he is in the game, he scores in a hurry. His scoring ability was on full display this week for Team Final, averaging 18.7 points, 5.2 rebounds, and 1.3 assists, shooting 50% overall.


Kentucky expressed interest in him a few months ago, and was expected to receive an offer by now, but a source close to Bethea’s AAU program told KY Insider this week that an offer from Kentucky is ultimately not expected to come, leading to believe that the interest level is not high from Kentucky.

Bethea has offers from the likes of Kansas, LSU, Villanova, Alabama, Miami, Syracuse, among others.


Cooper Flagg (2025, No. 2 PF, No. 2 Overall)

It’s hard to describe what Cooper Flagg did this week at Peach Jam. There’s really nothing that the versatile forward can’t do. He can shoot, pass, dribble, and of course block. I have never seen a player generate that much buzz in a gym before. He had EVERYONE talking, and the gym full at every game.

Let’s take a look at Flagg’s video game numbers from Peach Jam: 26.7 points, 13.7 rebounds, 5.5 assists, shooting 49.5%, and averaged a staggering 8.5 blocks.


It’s not easy to describe what it was like to watch him in person, but one thing that’s for sure, he is a generational talent. This week, he sure solidified his spot to be the No. 1 player in the class, ahead of Cameron Boozer.

Flagg is receiving interest from tons of programs obviously, but Duke seems to be the heavy early favorite in terms of college options, with the pro route being discussed too.

Cameron Boozer (2025, No. 1 PF, No. 1 Overall)

Not quite the buzz level of Cooper Flagg, but super close, Cameron generated a lot of buzz with his talent this week along with his twin brother Cayden. A big forward, a double-double comes easy with Cameron due to his size. He doesn’t have to do much to score or rebound, thanks to that big frame.

Like Flagg, he had the court full every time he played. He averaged 17.2 points, 11.7 rebounds, and 5.3 assists, shooting 49.4% overall.


Duke is seen as the early favorite, but not as much of a lock as many think, with Kentucky having somewhat of a chance for Boozer. Keep in mind it is still early.

Meleek Thomas (2025, No. 1 CG, No. 8 overall)

A quick, talented scorer, Meleek Thomas was part of a loaded NH Lightning squad and complimented a very talented backcourt. He is also a very good passer, but is really known for his scoring, and a streaky shooter. This week, he averaged 14.4 points, 5.0 rebounds, 3.2 assists, shooting 33.7% overall.

Thomas is being recruited by Kentucky, Duke, UConn, Alabama, Auburn, Kansas, Louisville, Michigan, and others. He is expecting to visit Kentucky soon, as well as others.

Kentucky has very high interest in the Top-10 guard.


Darius Acuff Jr. (2025, No. 1 PG, No. 11 Overall)

One of the more impressive players in the class, Acuff is a very quick and crafty scorer. He is very quick at getting to the rim and finishing, while also getting his teammates involved. He is very impressive. This week he averaged 15.2 points, 3.6 rebounds, and 5.2 assists, shooting 34.5%.

Acuff went from unrannked, to being in the top-20 when he debuted in the rankings. KY Insider caught up with him at Peach Jam to discuss his recruitment, where he said Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan, Michigan State, and Houston are recruiting him the hardest.

He also said he will be taking visits this fall, with Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan, Houston, Michigan State, and Pitt among others are ones he is looking to visit.

Jasper Johnson (2025, No. 3 CG, No. 14 Overall)

Johnson didn’t have his best weekend, but he had a few good performances, with his best coming in front of high major coaches on Thursday, where he had 24 points, 6 rebounds, and 1 steal and was very impressive stepping up for Team Thad.


Kentucky is in a good spot with Johnson, former in-state star and now Link Academy star. Other suitors include Louisville, LSU, Memphis, Missouri, Kansas, Indiana, and many others.


AJ Dybantsa (2026, SF)

One of the best prospects regardless of class, Dybantsa is a super star. As far as buzz, him and Cooper Flagg generated the most this week at Peach Jam. He is the type of player who can get where he wants, do what he wants, and when he wants.

What is really impressive about him is how he is performing at his age playing up two levels on the 17U circuit. This week he averaged 25.8 points, 5.6 rebounds, and 2.6 assists, shooting 46.6% overall.

Seriously. AJ Dybantsa and Cooper Flagg are the best high school prospects in years. Dybantsa has plenty of suitors already, Kentucky included.


Tyran Stokes (2026, PF)

Stokes, the second-best player in the class of 2026, is an impressive physical player. He has incredible size and uses it to his advantage. Like Dybantsa, he is killing it playing up two levels on the 17U circuit.

This week at Peach Jam, he averaged 11.9 points, 5.1 rebounds, and 3.9 assists, shooting 53.8% overall.

Stokes is being recruited by Kentucky, Louisville, Gonzaga, and more. He told The Athletic’s Kyle Tucker that “the blue bloods” are all recruiting him.

There is also the potential of a Kentucky-Louisville recruiting battle with him given that he is a Louisville native growing up there.


Overall, Peach Jam was an awesome experience. Tons of talent that proved themselves on the biggest stage in Grassroots basketball, and an unbelievable atmosphere with some unbelievable performances.

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International Prospect Zvonimir Ivisic Now a “Long Shot” to Play at Kentucky



Zvonimir Ivisic playing for SC Derby.
Instagram/Zvonimir Ivisic

When Ivisic originally committed to UK on August 1st, there was plenty of excitement around the program for the 7-foot Croatian to be a key piece on this year’s team.

Ever since then though, it’s only gone downhill as every single day we are hearing less good things about Ivisic’s situation. This is reportedly because of an English equivalency exam, so he still has not been accepted into the university’s admissions.

While the optimism was still he would end up on the team, a lot of the believer’s hopes took a big hit when 247Sports national recruiting analyst Travis Branham had an appearance on KSR’s Sources Say podcast.


Branham had a tough quote saying, “To be honest, I’m not banking on him being on this roster next year. I think it’s a very longshot bet”. Hearing this from a person as connected to recruiting as Branham is very concerning.

He goes on to talk about how it’s not very cut and dry on why he wouldn’t end up at Kentucky calling it a “Hail Mary” that Kentucky would have to connect on to even get the Croatian admitted to Kentucky.

Ivisic is projected as a potential first-rounder in the 2024 NBA draft and averaged 11.4 points, 5.3 rebounds, and 3.4 blocks for Croatia at the FIBA U20 European Championships in Greece in July.

The 7-footer’s skills would be a big help to this year’s Kentucky basketball team with the injury of Aaron Bradshaw this offseason, the depth in the frontcourt is much needed for the Wildcats right now.


If they are unable to figure out this situation and get him in a Kentucky jersey this upcoming season, it will be a huge mistake by UK admissions.

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Top Kentucky Target Tre Johnson Pushes Decision Date To Spring



UK Athletics

One of the top players in the class of 2024, Tre Johnson recently made the move to Link Academy in search of high-level competition on a big stage, which is a reason he says is why he will wait until the Spring before making a decision.

The top five guard possesses all of the scoring tools, and is a player that Kentucky really wants. He still has a few visits to take, with Alabama and Arkansas visits coming soon, plus another visit to Kansas, and another visit to Baylor. Johnson previously visited Kentucky back in late January.

Johnson has a final list of Kentucky, Baylor, Texas, Arkansas, Alabama, Kansas, and pro options. The Wildcats are rumored to be a top-three option long with Baylor and Texas. This delay may give Kentucky a better chance. With that said, he is not in a big rush to decide, as he is more focused on getting acclimated to his new home at Link Academy, as well as improving as a player.


Tre Johnson is one of the best pure scorers in all of high school basketball, and is certainly being prioritized by multiple top schools. Current intel suggests that Baylor and Kentucky are the top contenders, but with him pushing back his decision, there is more time to tell.

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Multiple Five-Star Recruits Schedule Visits to Kentucky



Top Ranked Recruits Darius Acuff, Boogie Fland, Billy Richmond, and Caleb Wilson have scheduled visits to Kentucky.
Yahoo Sports (Acuff)/The Black Cager (Richmond)/Pangos All America (Fland)

Now that the Grassroots AAU season is over, recruits from across the country are scheduling visits. Kentucky has picked up some scheduled visits for the fall, with a couple of Big Blue Madness visits already in order.

Boogie Fland

The top guard in 2024, Fland is now starting to set up his visits, as he has really taken his recruitment slow. He will take a visit to Kentucky on September 8th, while also taking visits to Michigan, Alabama, and UNC later in September, he told On3’s Joe Tipton.

He’s taking his recruitment slow, so there’s not much movement with momentum, but recent intel suggests Alabama, UConn, and Michigan seem to be the presumed leaders currently. Kentucky is making a strong push, so keep in mind he still has visits to take.


Caleb Wilson

A Top-5 player in 2025, Wilson is really into the Blue Bloods, with Duke, Kentucky and North Carolina all heavily involved. He will be taking a visit to Kentucky for Big Blue Madness on October 14th, he told Travis Graf of MADE Hoops.

Wilson is starting to ramp up his recruitment, with scheduling additional visits to Tennessee and Alabama as well in the near future.

Billy Richmond

Richmond is a Top-35 player in the class of 2025, and recently released his Top-8 schools, while also scheduling a handful of upcoming visits, and he will take on to Kentucky on September 15th.

He will also be visiting Memphis, LSU, Kansas, and Alabama in the near future. His Top-8 schools list includes Kentucky, Memphis, Louisville, Alabama, Kansas, LSU, Miami, and Texas.


Kentucky seems to be the favorite in this recruitment, with Memphis and Louisville lurking behind.

Darius Acuff

One of the biggest stock-risers in 2025, Acuff is the top-ranked point guard in the class, and now is beginning to set up visits. He will take a visit to Kentucky on October 14th for Big Blue Madness.

No other visits have been set up yet besides one to Michigan in the near future, but back in July at Peach Jam, Acuff told KY Insider that Indiana, Michigan, Michigan State, Houston, and Pitt, among others, were schools he is looking to visit in the fall.

Kentucky, Indiana, Houston, Michigan, and Michigan State are among those recruiting him the hardest, he told KY Insider in July at Peach Jam.


Fall visits are starting to be scheduled for the near future among many of the top recruits in the country, and Kentucky is beginning to get some of those, and plenty more will be scheduled soon.

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